your every day August visit

I walk in summer blaze
To water the sunflowers thirsting
Baking in the summer solstice
So near to you
You could reach for them
If you wanted
the proof remains as solid as rock
as the glaring summer sun sheds last light
on your glowing smile
eternally optimistic
eternally frozen
Eternally young

Even so sometimes
I slide slowly through darkening streets
Morbidly driven to edge past the old house
Holding to the faintest hope
That there you will turn aside
Just before the door
And wave.

I have to hurry a little more now
More than I did in winter chill
As the minute mosquitos rushing from the wet grass
Spread their deadly virus with a tiny taste
I’m afraid to join you too soon
So in survival mode,
I grieve only a little, water, wonder.
It would be so much easier to just go
I Hope one day, I too would just disappear
Into air

My little dog knows how long this journey takes
rising with the insects to walk away with me
our eyes stinging from salt and spray
It’s alright, we know the way.
I don’t turn to gaze at the granite engraving
I know it by heart

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