It’s always a little too something or other
On the plains
Too windy, Too cold, Too foggy, Too gloomy
Too cowy
We sink into the depression of
Light deprivation.
Snow and ice debilitating.

We cling to the hope of spring
Or even a long mild fall.
Seems we go from 50 mph winds and snow
To tornados
To excessive heat warnings.

Too hot, too buggy, too muggy
To Snow.

We huddle in our houses or offices.
Those of us lucky enough to work in offices.
paralyzed in our climate controlled cars
we sit in stifled traffic
a breakdown resulting in broiling in a kiln
Windows at home,
Drapes drawn against the agonizing sauna.
Staring at the beautiful green lawns and trees
Shriveling to brown in the roasting of July.

Still a little too dark, too humid
A little too depressing with the drapes drawn.
And the winds should arrive just about the time
I get the laundry on the line
Too dusty, too dirty.

A sunblizzard.

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