She starts in the kitchen

Renee’ paints her kitchen
She stumbles thru paint store samples
To pick just the right shade of what shall it be today
To cover, hide, what was
She paints it dark again today
black coffee, mud, storm clouds

Fumes, an ugly drug fill the corners.
Dizzy she drinks them, but cannot forget
What color she started with
And how it has faded the hue
when or how he
Insidiously changed the color to black and white
not color at all.

the sharp pivot to gray
That part she remembers
Like the sight or smell or sound of him
Whispered away with time
Pulled away like hearing aids
So she can no longer ken his voice.

she can’t remember
Where she left off
And where to begin
The color of her kitchen
Or the stain of her sin.
Spills along the hallway and carpet
Flooding the passage
And washing from within
For he is gone
But Never does he leave
In conscious thought
Only sleep brings reprieve
So slumber and somber the color of mood.

The open window to night sky
Matches the walls of Renee’s kitchen
And Renee’s heart.
It startles me with the confidence of calm.

cowritten with ts

One comment

  1. Why don’t they have a “like” button on these? I would have to triple like this. There is somehting about this that touches me, and stays with me.

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