decades ago i confessed
to mother Mary
that i attended
The Church of the Lonely Country Road and Old Blue Bicycle.

congregation of one.
two, if you count ol’ Blue.
‘wherever two or more of you are gathered
there is love’

I go to The Church nearly every day
spectacular view of the sky
Heaven for sure.

The collection basket full of wild
Daisies and asters.

liturgy the same every time
soft and low:
stand up, grip, handle, sit down,steer, sway, rest.

i sing hymns n’ say Bible verses inside my head
i know thousands.

but my favorite,
Nearer My God To Thee,
as semi-trucks loaded with Colorado corn-fed beef
roar by.


  1. Can I join your church? I know a bunch of Latter Day Saint hymns, a few Navajo songs, several Tibetan Buddhist mantras and prayers, a couple neo pagan Goddess rounds, and even a few Hindu sanskrit mantras. I have a 16 year old black mountain bike that tends to resist goatheads. My knees pop a little when I ride, but I think I just need to adjust the seat. Do I qualify?

    Very cool one, fey. thanks for posting.

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